A person engaged in one of the following trades shall first obtain from the department the appropriate certificate of fitness in that trade:

Terms Used In Alaska Statutes 18.62.070 - Persons required to obtain certificate

  • person: includes a corporation, company, partnership, firm, association, organization, business trust, or society, as well as a natural person. See Alaska Statutes 01.10.060
  • state: means the State of Alaska unless applied to the different parts of the United States and in the latter case it includes the District of Columbia and the territories. See Alaska Statutes 01.10.060

(1) electrical wiring subject to the standards established in AS 18.60.580; and

(2) plumbing subject to the uniform plumbing code; in this paragraph, “uniform plumbing code” means the minimum plumbing code adopted for the state under AS 18.60.705 .