10.45.010 Incorporation
10.45.020 Rendering professional service and charging fees
10.45.030 Who may render professional service
10.45.040 Prohibition against engaging in business; property and investments
10.45.050 Issuance of shares
10.45.060 Qualifications of director, officer, or shareholder
10.45.070 Management by directors; authority of officers and shareholders
10.45.080 Transfer of shares
10.45.090 Voting by proxy
10.45.100 Voting trust prohibited
10.45.110 Holding stock, merging or consolidating with another professional corporation
10.45.120 Corporate name
10.45.130 Change or alteration of corporate name
10.45.133 Continuity of life
10.45.136 No shareholder power to dissolve
10.45.140 Professional relationship and liabilities
10.45.180 Authority and duty of regulatory boards not limited
10.45.190 Professional acts limited
10.45.200 Legal disqualification of corporate personnel
10.45.210 Disposal of shares of legally disqualified shareholder
10.45.220 Shares of deceased shareholder
10.45.230 Determination of value of shares
10.45.240 Applicability of Alaska Corporations Code and Alaska Entity Transactions Act
10.45.500 Definitions
10.45.510 Short title