13.16.245 Qualification
13.16.250 Acceptance of appointment; consent to jurisdiction
13.16.255 Bond required; exceptions
13.16.260 Bond amount; security; procedure; reduction.
13.16.265 Demand for bond by interested person
13.16.270 Terms and conditions of bonds
13.16.275 Order restraining personal representative
13.16.280 Termination of appointment; general
13.16.285 Termination of appointment; death or disability
13.16.290 Termination of appointment; voluntary
13.16.295 Termination of appointment by removal; cause; procedure
13.16.300 Termination of appointment; change of testacy status
13.16.305 Successor personal representative
13.16.310 Special administrator; appointment
13.16.315 Special administrator; who may be appointed
13.16.320 Special administrator appointed informally; powers and duties
13.16.325 Special administrator appointed by court; power and duties
13.16.330 Termination of appointment; special administrator