Chapter 801 Probate Court: Administrative Provisions 45a-1 to 45a-97
Chapter 801a Probate Court: Jurisdiction, Powers 45a-98 to 45a-104
Chapter 801b Probate Court Procedures 45a-105 to 45a-198
Chapter 802 Fiduciaries 45a-199 to 45a-249
Chapter 802a Wills: Execution and Construction 45a-250 to 45a-272
Chapter 802b Decedents’ Estates 45a-273 to 45a-470
Chapter 802c Trusts 45a-471 to 45a-545
Chapter 802d Connecticut Uniform Transfers to Minors Act 45a-546 to 45a-561
Chapter 802e Durable Power of Attorney 45a-562 to 45a-567
Chapter 802f Powers of Appointment 45a-568 to 45a-577
Chapter 802g Disclaimer of Property 45a-578 to 45a-590
Chapter 802h Protected Persons and Their Property 45a-591 to 45a-705a
Chapter 803 Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption 45a-706 to 45a-770
Chapter 803a Children Conceived Through Artificial Insemination. Children of Decedent Conceived and Born After Death of Decedent 45a-771 to 45a-788