13.70.010 Scope
13.70.020 Supplemented by other law
13.70.030 Power to disclaim; general requirements; when irrevocable
13.70.040 Disclaimer of interest in property
13.70.050 Disclaimer of rights of survivorship in jointly held property
13.70.060 Disclaimer of interest in property held as a tenancy by the entirety
13.70.065 Disclaimer of interest by trustee
13.70.070 Disclaimer of power of appointment or other power not held in fiduciary capacity
13.70.080 Disclaimer by appointee, object, or taker in default of exercise of power of appointment
13.70.090 Disclaimer of power held in fiduciary capacity
13.70.100 Delivery or filing
13.70.110 When disclaimer permitted, barred, or limited
13.70.120 Tax-qualified disclaimer
13.70.130 Recording of disclaimer
13.70.140 Application to existing relationships
13.70.150 Uniformity of application and construction
13.70.190 Definitions
13.70.195 Short title