A. Upon the conclusion of any hearing, or prior to the conclusion with concurrence of the parties, the administrative law judge shall, not later than thirty days after the matter is submitted for decision, determine the matter and make a decision in accordance with his determination.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 23-480

B. In the event of the demise, resignation, retirement, termination of employment or other incapacitation of the presiding administrative law judge, the decision shall be determined by the chief administrative law judge or an appointee.

C. The decision shall become a part of the commission file. A copy of the decision shall be sent immediately by mail to all parties in interest.

D. The decision is final when entered unless within fifteen days after the date on which a copy of the decision is mailed to the parties, one of the parties files a request for review pursuant to section 23-481. The decision shall contain a statement explaining the rights of the parties pursuant to section 23-481.