Article 1 In General 40.1-51.5 – 40.1-51.19
Article 2 Hobby and Model Boilers 40.1-51.19:1 – 40.1-51.19:5

Terms Used In Virginia Code > Title 40.1 > Chapter 3.1

  • Authority: means any political subdivision, a body politic and corporate, created, organized and operated pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, or if such Authority is abolished, the board, body, commission, department or officer succeeding to the principal functions thereof or to whom the powers given by this chapter are given by law. See Virginia Code 15.2-5509
  • Board: means the Safety and Health Codes Board. See Virginia Code 40.1-51.5
  • Boiler: means a closed vessel in which water is heated, steam is generated, steam is superheated, or any combination thereof, under pressure or vacuum for use externally to itself by the direct application of heat from the combustion of fuels, or from electricity or nuclear energy. See Virginia Code 40.1-51.5
  • Certificate inspection: means an inspection, the report of which is used by the Chief Inspector to decide whether or not a certificate as provided by § 40. See Virginia Code 40.1-51.5
  • Commission: means the Marine Resources Commission. See Virginia Code 28.2-100
  • Commissioner: means the Commissioner of Labor and Industry. See Virginia Code 40.1-2
  • Commissioner: means the Commissioner of Marine Resources. See Virginia Code 28.2-100
  • Contract fee inspector: means any certified boiler inspector contracted to inspect boilers or pressure vessels on an independent basis by the owner or operator of the boiler or pressure vessel. See Virginia Code 40.1-51.5
  • Department: means the Department of Labor and Industry. See Virginia Code 40.1-2
  • Depuration: means the process that uses a controlled aquatic environment to reduce the level of bacteria or viruses in live shellfish. See Virginia Code 28.2-800
  • Employ: shall include to permit or suffer to work. See Virginia Code 40.1-2
  • Grace period: The number of days you'll have to pay your bill for purchases in full without triggering a finance charge. Source: Federal Reserve
  • Model boiler: means any boiler fabricated to demonstrate an original design or to reproduce or replicate a historic artifact, and used primarily for demonstration, exhibition, or educational purposes. See Virginia Code 40.1-51.19:1
  • Owner-user inspection agency: means any person, firm, partnership or corporation registered with the Chief Inspector and approved by the Board as being legally responsible for inspecting pressure vessels which they operate in Virginia. See Virginia Code 40.1-51.5
  • Relay: means to move shellfish for the purpose of natural purification from water which is not approved to water which is approved or conditionally approved by the State Health Commissioner. See Virginia Code 28.2-800
  • Shellfish: means all species within the phylum Mollusca including but not limited to oysters, clams, mussels, scallops, conchs and whelks, whether raw or processed. See Virginia Code 28.2-800