A. Beginning January 1, 1986, a regional public transportation authority is established in a county that has a population of one million two hundred thousand or more persons and that approves a transportation excise tax.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 48-5102

  • Authority: means a regional public transportation authority organized under this chapter. See Arizona Laws 48-5101
  • Population: means the population determined in the most recent United States decennial census or the most recent special census as provided in section 28-6532. See Arizona Laws 48-5101
  • Property: includes both real and personal property. See Arizona Laws 1-215
  • Public transportation: means local transportation of passengers by means of a public conveyance. See Arizona Laws 48-5101

B. An authority is a tax levying public improvement district for all purposes of article XIII, section 7, Constitution of Arizona, and has the powers, privileges and immunities specifically granted by law. The authority’s property, bonds, debts and other obligations and interest on and transfer of its bonds and obligations are free from taxation.

C. The authority may operate both within and outside the corporate limits of the member municipalities.