§ 44-351 Definitions
§ 44-352 Acquiring title to loaned property
§ 44-353 Acquiring title to undocumented property
§ 44-354 Reclamation of property
§ 44-355 Museum obligations to the lender
§ 44-356 Lender obligations to the museum

Terms Used In Arizona Laws > Title 44 > Chapter 3.1 > Article 1

  • Action: includes any matter or proceeding in a court, civil or criminal. See Arizona Laws 1-215
  • Corporation: A legal entity owned by the holders of shares of stock that have been issued, and that can own, receive, and transfer property, and carry on business in its own name.
  • Lender: means a person whose name appears on the records of the museum as the person legally entitled to property held or owing by the museum. See Arizona Laws 44-351
  • Museum: means an organized and permanent nonprofit or public institution which is primarily educational, scientific, historic or aesthetic in purpose and which owns, borrows, cares for, studies, archives or exhibits property. See Arizona Laws 44-351
  • on loan: includes all deposits of property with a museum which are not accompanied by a transfer of title to the property. See Arizona Laws 44-351
  • Partnership: A voluntary contract between two or more persons to pool some or all of their assets into a business, with the agreement that there will be a proportional sharing of profits and losses.
  • Person: means an individual, association, trust partnership, corporation or similar organization having a legal interest in property in the possession of a museum. See Arizona Laws 44-351
  • Property: means all tangible objects, animate and inanimate, under a museum's care which have intrinsic scientific, historic, artistic or cultural value. See Arizona Laws 44-351