Chapter 1 General Provisions and Definitions
Chapter 2 Administration
Chapter 3 Enforcement
Chapter 4 Appeals
Chapter 5 Licensing
Chapter 6 Licensed Cultivation Sites
Chapter 6.5 Unique Identifiers and Track and Trace
Chapter 7 Retailers, Distributors, and Microbusinesses
Chapter 8 Distribution and Transport
Chapter 9 Delivery
Chapter 10 Testing Laboratories
Chapter 11 Quality Assurance, Inspection, and Testing
Chapter 12 Packaging and Labeling
Chapter 13 Manufacturers and Cannabis Products
Chapter 14 Protection of Minors
Chapter 15 Advertising and Marketing Restrictions
Chapter 16 Records
Chapter 18 License Fees
Chapter 19 Annual Reports; Performance Audit
Chapter 20 Local Control
Chapter 21 Funding
Chapter 22 Cannabis Cooperative Associations
Chapter 23 The California Cannabis Equity Act
Chapter 24 Information Sharing with Financial Institutions
Chapter 25 Interstate Cannabis Agreements
Chapter 26 Medicinal Cannabis Patients’ Right of Access Act