Chapter 1 Organization and General Functions
Chapter 1.5 Wildlife Violator Compact
Chapter 2 Deputies, and Other Employees; County Wardens
Chapter 3 Other Powers and Duties
Chapter 4 Wildlife Conservation Law of 1947
Chapter 4.1 California Riparian Habitat Conservation Program
Chapter 4.3 Inland Wetlands Conservation Program
Chapter 4.4 California Desert Conservation Program
Chapter 5 Fish and Game Management
Chapter 6 Fish and Wildlife Protection and Conservation
Chapter 6.5 Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Act
Chapter 6.6 Voluntary Stream Restoration Property Owner Liability
Chapter 7 Conservation of Aquatic Resources
Chapter 7.2 Trout Management
Chapter 7.3 Black Bass Conservation and Management
Chapter 7.4 Department-Managed Lands
Chapter 7.5 Native Species Conservation and Enhancement
Chapter 7.8 Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Wetlands Mitigation Bank Act of 1993
Chapter 7.9 Conservation Bank and Mitigation Bank Applications and Fees
Chapter 8 Conservation of Wildlife Resources
Chapter 9 Advance Mitigation And Regional Conservation Investment Strategies
Chapter 10 Native Plant Protection
Chapter 11 California Desert Native Plants
Chapter 12 Significant Natural Areas
Chapter 13 Nonvehicular Wildlife Crossings
Chapter 13.5 Wildlife Connectivity Actions