Chapter 1 Organization and General Functions
Chapter 1.5 Wildlife Violator Compact
Chapter 2 Deputies, and Other Employees; County Wardens
Chapter 3 Other Powers and Duties
Chapter 4 Wildlife Conservation Law of 1947
Chapter 4.1 California Riparian Habitat Conservation Program
Chapter 4.3 Inland Wetlands Conservation Program
Chapter 5 Fish and Game Management
Chapter 6 Fish and Wildlife Protection and Conservation
Chapter 6.5 Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Act
Chapter 7 Conservation of Aquatic Resources
Chapter 7.2 Trout Management
Chapter 7.3 Black Bass Conservation and Management
Chapter 7.4 Department-Managed Lands
Chapter 7.5 Native Species Conservation and Enhancement
Chapter 7.8 Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Wetlands Mitigation Bank Act of 1993
Chapter 7.9 Conservation Bank and Mitigation Bank Applications and Fees
Chapter 8 Conservation of Wildlife Resources
Chapter 9 Advance Mitigation And Regional Conservation Investment Strategies
Chapter 10 Native Plant Protection
Chapter 11 California Desert Native Plants
Chapter 12 Significant Natural Areas
Chapter 13 Nonvehicular Wildlife Crossings