General Provisions
Title 1 General
Title 2 Government of the State of California
Title 3 Government of Counties
Title 4 Government of Cities
Title 5 Local Agencies
Title 6 Districts
Title 6.7 Infrastructure Finance
Title 6.8 San Francisco Bay Area Regional Housing Finance
Title 7 Planning and Land Use
Title 7.1 Metropolitan Transportation Commission
Title 7.10 San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Response and Disaster Recovery Act
Title 7.2 San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission
Title 7.25 San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority Act
Title 7.3 Solid Waste Management, Resource Recovery, and Recycling
Title 7.4 Tahoe Regional Planning Compact
Title 7.41 Tahoe Conservancy Agency Compact
Title 7.42 California Tahoe Conservancy
Title 7.43 Lake Tahoe Acquisitions Bond Act
Title 7.5 California Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
Title 7.6 Western Interstate Nuclear Compact
Title 7.75 California State University, Channel Islands Site Authority Act
Title 7.8 San Francisco Bay Area Transportation Terminal Authority
Title 7.86 The Military Base Reuse Authority Act
Title 7.87 Placer County Transportation Planning Agency
Title 7.88 Nevada County Transportation Planning Agency
Title 7.89 Transportation Agency of Monterey County
Title 7.94 Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission
Title 7.95 El Dorado County Transportation Planning Agency
Title 7.96 North Lake Tahoe Transportation Authority
Title 7.97 Recycling, Resource Recovery, and Litter Prevention
Title 8 The Organization and Government of Courts
Title 9 Political Reform
Title 10 California Industrial Development Financing Act
Title 11 California Passenger Rail Financing Commission Act
Title 12 Great Redwood Trail Agency Act
Title 12.3 Siskiyou Railroad Authority
Title 12.5 Central California Railroad Authority
Title 13 California Savings and Asset Project
Title 14 California Early Intervention Services Act
Title 14 California Early Intervention Services Act
Title 15 Office of Child Development and Education
Title 16 State-Tribal Agreements Governing Indian Gaming
Title 17 California Fiscal Recovery Financing Act
Title 18 The Economic Recovery Bond Act
Title 19 The Every Kid Counts (Ekc) Act
Title 20 International Relations
Title 21 The Calsavers Retirement Savings Trust Act
Title 21.1 Calaccount Blue Ribbon Commission
Title 22 California Health Benefit Exchange
Title 24 Minimum Essential Coverage Individual Mandate
Title 25 Individual Market Assistance