Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 1.1 Judicial Emergencies
Chapter 1.3 Elections of Justices and Judges of Courts of Record
Chapter 1.4 Management of Trial Court Records
Chapter 1.5 Compensation of Justices and Judges of Courts of Record
Chapter 2 The Judicial Council
Chapter 2.1 Civil Legal Representation
Chapter 2.3 California Habeas Corpus Resource Center
Chapter 2.5 Commission on Judicial Performance
Chapter 3 The Supreme Court
Chapter 4 The Courts of Appeal
Chapter 4.2 Appellate Court Facilities
Chapter 5 The Superior Courts
Chapter 5.1 Unification of Municipal and Superior Courts
Chapter 5.7 Superior Court Facilities
Chapter 5.8 Superior Court Fees
Chapter 6 Provisions Relating to Trial Courts
Chapter 7 Trial Court Employment Protection and Governance Act
Chapter 7.5 Trial Court Interpreter Employment and Labor Relations Act
Chapter 8 Superior Courts
Chapter 9 Los Angeles County
Chapter 10 County-Specific Provisions
Chapter 11 Judges’ Retirement Law
Chapter 11.5 Judges’ Retirement System II
Chapter 12 County Penalties
Chapter 13 State Funding of Trial Courts
Chapter 14 Trial Court Funding and Improvement Act of 1997