As used in this article, “administrative costs” means the amounts expended by the Legislature, the Legislative Counsel Bureau, the Governor’s Office, the Department of Technology, the Office of Planning and Research, the Department of Justice, the State Controller’s Office, the State Treasurer’s Office, the State Personnel Board, the Department of Finance, the Department of Financial Information System for California, the Office of Administrative Law, the Department of Human Resources, the Secretary of California Health and Human Services, the California State Auditor’s Office, the Department of General Services, and the California State Library, and a proration of any other cost to or expense of the state for services or facilities provided for the Legislature and the above agencies, for supervision or administration of the state government or for services to other state agencies.

(Amended by Stats. 2018, Ch. 37, Sec. 14. (AB 1817) Effective June 27, 2018.)

Terms Used In California Government Code 11270