(a) A public or private entity may submit to the department a program proposal and an application for a grant to fund the development and initial operation of a proposed program.

(b) To be eligible for funding, a proposed program shall meet all of the following criteria:

Terms Used In California Government Code 14176

(1) Serve regular users of mass transit or high-occupancy vehicle commute modes.

(2) Provide transportation at no cost or at a nominal cost not to exceed the amount normally spent for home-to-work transportation by such means as a taxi, rental car, fleet car, or escort service, to the user’s home or other agreed upon location.

(3) Agree to report to the department, not later than one year after receipt of a grant, regarding the effectiveness of the program, as indicated by:

(A) The number of participants using the guaranteed return trip program.

(B) Whether the program has increased the number of commuters using alternatives to single-occupancy vehicle commuting.

(4) Develop written policies specifying eligibility and procedures for use of the guaranteed return trip option.

(Added by Stats. 1990, Ch. 1653, Sec. 2.)