(a) General members may elect to transfer to the retirement plan created by this article upon proper application executed by the member and filed with the board. That transfer is voluntary and shall be irrevocable.

(b) The retirement benefits of the transferred members are governed and defined by this article.

Terms Used In California Government Code 31494

(c) Transferring members relinquish and waive any and all previously available vested or accrued retirement, survivor, disability and death benefits. However, notwithstanding any other provision of this article, transferring members shall receive credit for public service performed prior to the transfer, including service with the employer, military service, and other public service to which the member would otherwise be eligible under this chapter, except that member contributions shall not be collected.

(d) This section shall be operative at any time or times as may be mutually agreed to in memoranda of understanding executed by the employer and employee representatives if the board of supervisors adopts, by majority vote, a resolution declaring that the section shall be operative.

(e) This section shall be superseded by Section 31494.2 in any county when Section 31494.2 becomes operative in the county.

(Amended by Stats. 2001, Ch. 778, Sec. 5. Effective October 13, 2001.)