General Provisions
Division 1 Administration of Public Health
Division 1.5 Use of Seclusion and Behavioral Restraints in Facilities
Division 2 Licensing Provisions
Division 2.5 Emergency Medical Services
Division 2.8 Office of Response and Resilience
Division 3 Pest Abatement
Division 5 Sanitation
Division 6 Sanitary Districts
Division 7 Dead Bodies
Division 8 Cemeteries
Division 10 Uniform Controlled Substances Act
Division 10.2 Drug Dealer Liability Act
Division 10.5 Alcohol and Drug Programs
Division 10.6 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Master Plans
Division 10.7 Illegal Use of Drugs and Alcohol
Division 10.8 Substance Abuse Treatment Funding
Division 10.9 Substance Abuse Testing and Treatment Accountability Program
Division 11 Explosives
Division 12 Fires and Fire Protection
Division 12.5 Buildings Used by the Public
Division 13 Housing
Division 14 Police Protection
Division 20 Miscellaneous Health and Safety Provisions
Division 23 Hospital Districts
Division 23.5 Endowment Hospitals
Division 24 Community Development and Housing
Division 25 Health and Welfare Agency-Direct Service Contracts Reform Act
Division 25.1 Health and Welfare Agency-Administrative Appeals Process for Nonprofit Human Services Agencies
Division 25.2 State Department of Health Services Cooperative Agreement Act
Division 25.5 California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006
Division 26 Air Resources
Division 27 California Pollution Control Financing Authority Act
Division 28 Noise Control Act
Division 31 Housing and Home Finance
Division 32 Seismic Safety Building Rehabilitation Loans
Division 37 Regulation of Environmental Protection
Division 37.5 Repair or Maintenance Projects
Division 45 Hazardous Substance Response
Division 101 Administration of Public Health
Division 102 Vital Records and Health Statistics
Division 103 Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Division 104 Environmental Health
Division 105 Communicable Disease Prevention and Control
Division 106 Personal Health Care (Including Maternal, Child, and Adolescent)
Division 107 Health Care Access and Information
Division 108 California Children and Families Program
Division 109 Center for Data Insights and Innovation
Division 109.7 California Health and Human Services Data Exchange Framework
Division 111 Golden Bear State Pharmacy Assistance Program
Division 112 California Discount Prescription Drug Program
Division 112 Public Health
Division 113 The Adult Health Coverage Expansion Program
Division 114 Prescription Drug Discount Prohibition
Division 114.01 Preserving Access to Affordable Drugs
Division 116 Surplus Medication Collection and Distribution
Division 117 Cancer Medication Recycling Act
Division 118 One Health Program
Division 119 Transgender Wellness and Equity
Division 119.5 Transgender, Gender Diverse, or Intersex Health Care Quality Standards
Division 120 Sexual Health Education Accountability Act