The commissioner may furnish to any transit district formed under chapter 103a advice and technical assistance regarding its functions, plans and programs regarding mass transit services, and make recommendations in respect thereto. To the extent that the administrative costs of any such transit district are not paid from operating revenues or other revenue sources, the commissioner may make grants to the transit district to pay two-thirds of such costs in cash on the condition that the constituent municipalities in the district pay one-third of such costs, in the form of cash or noncash grants in aid. The commissioner may also furnish grants or loans to any such transit district to help the transit district to plan, research, construct, reconstruct, subsidize, operate or maintain transit systems, including property, equipment and facilities, whether operated or to be operated by the transit district or private owners, and to pay any local share required to obtain matching grants from the federal government.

Terms Used In Connecticut General Statutes 13b-38