§ 226.003 Public rest areas, department of transportation not to contract for the ..
§ 226.005 State department of transportation created — authority of commission — …
§ 226.007 Transfer of agencies
§ 226.008 Responsibilities and authority of highways and transportation commission — …
§ 226.009 Out-of-service orders against motor carriers, actions of commission, ..
§ 226.010 Definitions
§ 226.020 State highways and transportation commission created
§ 226.030 Number of members — qualifications — term — removal — compensation.
§ 226.033 Prohibited acts by certain commissioners
§ 226.033 v2 Prohibited acts by certain commissioners
§ 226.040 State highways and transportation commission to appoint director of ..
§ 226.050 Secretary to be appointed — duties and powers.
§ 226.060 Authorized to select chief legal counsel — salary and qualifications — …
§ 226.070 Attorney general shall advise commission, when
§ 226.080 Salaries, how fixed — veterans’ preference authorized.
§ 226.090 Commissioners and employees — oath — bond — selection and removal of …
§ 226.092 Commission may provide automobile liability insurance, when — self-insured …
§ 226.095 Arbitration for negligence actions, when
§ 226.096 Certain controversies or claims to be settled by arbitration — rulemaking …
§ 226.100 Principal office to be in Jefferson City — persons authorized to administer …
§ 226.110 State transportation department building the official residence of the ..
§ 226.120 Chairman and vice chairman, election, term — quorum — monthly meeting, required.
§ 226.130 Duties and powers of commission — rulemaking, procedure.
§ 226.132 Department of transportation to create transportation plan for the state, ..
§ 226.133 Funding authorized for highway and bridge repairs and construction, ..
§ 226.134 Projects funded by bonds to conform with priorities of 1992 plan, exception
§ 226.135 Commission authorized to contract with other jurisdictions — multistate …
§ 226.136 Campaign contributions to state elected officials a prohibition to serving ..
§ 226.140 Audit of records, when — plan to modernize transportation system, report.
§ 226.150 Commission directed to comply with acts of Congress relating to road funds ..
§ 226.160 Extension of workers’ compensation law to include employees of state ..
§ 226.170 Election of state highways and transportation commission, how construed
§ 226.181 Parks, requests for federal aid, notice to be given department
§ 226.190 Assent to act of Congress for aid to state roads
§ 226.191 State transportation assistance revolving fund created — administration — …
§ 226.195 Missouri state transit assistance program — definitions, purpose, …
§ 226.200 State highways and transportation department fund — sources of revenue — …
§ 226.210 Road bond interest and sinking fund
§ 226.220 State road fund — sources — expenditures.
§ 226.225 State transportation fund established, purposes
§ 226.230 Auditor, treasurer and highways and transportation commission — duties.
§ 226.240 Authorized to acquire, by lease, purchase or condemnation, lands, mines, ..
§ 226.250 Authorized to acquire, by lease, purchase, or condemnation, plants or ..
§ 226.260 Right conferred to maintain and operate such mines, lands, quarries, ..
§ 226.270 Method of procedure in case of condemnation proceedings
§ 226.280 Definitions
§ 226.290 Interpretations
§ 226.300 Purpose of law
§ 226.310 Duties and powers of state transportation department
§ 226.320 State agencies to cooperate
§ 226.330 State transportation department to accept donations of and acquire lands
§ 226.340 Area to be provided for parkway purposes
§ 226.350 State to convey necessary areas in fee simple to United States
§ 226.360 Political subdivisions to convey parkway areas
§ 226.370 Areas to be in accordance with preliminary development and property maps
§ 226.380 Areas prohibited from certain uses
§ 226.390 Use of existing highways in connection with parkways — conditions.
§ 226.400 Concurrent jurisdiction ceded to United States
§ 226.410 All other powers preserved to state
§ 226.420 Powers and duties of state transportation department in parkway area
§ 226.430 Powers to be exercised when funds are appropriated
§ 226.440 Commission established
§ 226.445 Commission members, number, term, appointment — compensation — staff.
§ 226.450 Meetings, number required annually — called how — quorum.
§ 226.455 Commission’s duties
§ 226.460 Commission’s powers
§ 226.465 State agencies to cooperate
§ 226.490 Official highway maps — certain attractions to be designated, when.
§ 226.500 Purpose of law
§ 226.501 Tenth amendment to United States Constitution quoted
§ 226.502 Legislative intent — funds to be used.
§ 226.510 Definitions
§ 226.520 Permitted signs — specifications.
§ 226.525 Natural wonders and historic attractions, signs, how erected — private …
§ 226.527 Signs not to be visible from main highway — removal, compensation — no …
§ 226.530 Permits — rulemaking.
§ 226.531 Definitions — sexually oriented billboards prohibited, when — existing …
§ 226.532 Attorney general to represent the state in certain actions
§ 226.535 Travel information signs, where erected — rules to be consistent with …
§ 226.540 Signs permitted on certain highways — lighting restrictions — size, …
§ 226.541 Conforming out of standard signs treated as conforming, when — definitions …
§ 226.545 Landmark signs, permitted when
§ 226.550 Permits, fees for, exemption — permits to be issued for existing signs, …
§ 226.560 Certain provisions to affect subsequently erected signs only
§ 226.570 Highways and transportation commission to remove and pay for signs, order ..
§ 226.573 Rulemaking — new technology in outdoor advertising.
§ 226.580 Unlawful signs defined — removal authorized — notice — owner may proceed, …
§ 226.585 Vegetation along right-of-way, cutting of — transportation department, duties.
§ 226.590 Matching funds — source.
§ 226.600 Penalty
§ 226.650 Purpose of law
§ 226.660 Definitions
§ 226.670 Licenses — fee.
§ 226.680 Prohibited areas — exceptions.
§ 226.690 Preexisting junkyards — screening — removal.
§ 226.700 Rules authorized — injunctive relief.
§ 226.710 Unlicensed junkyard — penalty.
§ 226.720 Unscreened junkyards near state and county roads prohibited — penalty.
§ 226.750 Beautification, rest, recreational areas authorized
§ 226.760 Acquisition, condemnation authority
§ 226.770 Authority to contract with public agencies for funds
§ 226.780 Expenditures limited to federal funds, when
§ 226.790 Commercial facilities within rest or recreation areas prohibited
§ 226.792 U.S. Route 66, original roads and highways to be renamed “Route 66”
§ 226.795 Scenic road, State Highway 19 designation, duties
§ 226.796 U.S. Highway 66 designated historic highway — duties — costs, how paid.
§ 226.797 Scenic roads and highways system to be established — commission’s powers …
§ 226.798 Factors considered in designating a road or highway a scenic byway — rating …
§ 226.799 Procedure to designate a road or highway as scenic, publication — hearing — …
§ 226.800 Marking national historic trails with approved signs — donations.
§ 226.801 Signs and outdoor advertising, rules and regulations
§ 226.805 Interstate agency committee on special transportation created — members — …
§ 226.808 Duties of department to assist and furnish — staff for committee — annual …
§ 226.900 Goals and reports on minority employment, training and use of ..
§ 226.905 Contract requirements for use of minority-owned construction companies on ..
§ 226.907 Minority-owned construction companies not required, when
§ 226.910 Contract requirements not in compliance with federal law to be null and void
§ 226.925 Fund created, donations, use of moneys to pay for renewal fee and ..
§ 226.950 Definitions
§ 226.952 Approved location of highway corridor, certified copy of corridor map filed ..
§ 226.955 Revision of corridor map, procedure — commission to dispose of property if …
§ 226.957 Exceptions to highway corridor law — fee to be paid to city or county on …
§ 226.959 Applications and requests by landowners on land abutting or in corridor, ..
§ 226.961 Applications or requests not to be approved by city or county without ..
§ 226.963 Approval by commission may be conditioned upon modification or limits — …
§ 226.965 Commission not concurring with application or request may acquire property ..
§ 226.967 Notice of intent to acquire by commission, procedure, time limitation, ..
§ 226.969 Recorder of deeds not to record plat, or city or county issue building ..
§ 226.971 Violations, authority of commission to bring actions in circuit court — …
§ 226.973 Cities and counties to have authority to take actions to preserve and ..
§ 226.975 Commission not required to file plans
§ 226.1115 Property removed from roadway to be taken to shoulder or berm of roadway
§ 226.1150 German Heritage Corridor of Missouri designated for certain counties ..

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  • Advice and consent: Under the Constitution, presidential nominations for executive and judicial posts take effect only when confirmed by the Senate, and international treaties become effective only when the Senate approves them by a two-thirds vote.
  • Amendment: A proposal to alter the text of a pending bill or other measure by striking out some of it, by inserting new language, or both. Before an amendment becomes part of the measure, thelegislature must agree to it.
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  • Fair market value: The price at which an asset would change hands in a transaction between a willing, informed buyer and a willing, informed seller.
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  • Quorum: The number of legislators that must be present to do business.
  • Real property: Land, and all immovable fixtures erected on, growing on, or affixed to the land.
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