(a) Construction of any facility or, if the construction of the facility is to be completed in stages, construction of any stage of the facility shall not begin until (1) fifty per cent of all the living units within the planned facility, or fifty per cent of any designated part or parts thereof determined by the commissioner have been presold, (2) a minimum deposit of ten thousand dollars per unit for all presold units has been received by the provider, and (3) the thirty-day rescission period set forth in subdivision (1) of subsection (a) of section 17b-523 has expired.

Terms Used In Connecticut General Statutes 17b-526

  • Rescission: The cancellation of budget authority previously provided by Congress. The Impoundment Control Act of 1974 specifies that the President may propose to Congress that funds be rescinded. If both Houses have not approved a rescission proposal (by passing legislation) within 45 days of continuous session, any funds being withheld must be made available for obligation.

(b) A provider shall give a resident, individually or through a residents council, not less than one hundred twenty days’ advance written notice of any major construction, modification, renovation or expansion project. Such notice shall include, but not be limited to, (1) a project schedule and areas to be impacted, (2) funding needed for the project, (3) financing plans, (4) the expected amount of debt to be incurred, and (5) projected income from the project. If the provider plans to use any incurred debt to fund a project at a location other than the facility, the provider shall hold at least one meeting with residents to discuss the project and advise residents in writing of any impact on the resident’s monthly service fee. The notice provisions in this section shall not apply to immediate renovation or construction necessary to address a public safety or health issue or issue related to a natural disaster, provided reasonable written notice of such project is provided to the residents council or to each resident.