(a) Any graduate of a recognized dental college may practice dentistry in a clinic for a period not exceeding six months, provided he shall obtain the written consent and approval of the Dental Commission.

Terms Used In Connecticut General Statutes 20-120

  • another: may extend and be applied to communities, companies, corporations, public or private, limited liability companies, societies and associations. See Connecticut General Statutes 1-1

(b) A full-time faculty member of a school of dentistry in this state who is licensed in another state or who has exceptional qualifications as approved by the Dental Commission may be granted a provisional license upon consent and approval of the Dental Commission which provisional license shall be in effect during such time as the licensee is in the full-time employment of a school of dentistry within the state. Such provisional license shall limit the licensee to the practice of dentistry in the school of dentistry of which he is a member of the faculty or in any hospital affiliated with such school.

(c) Any graduate of a foreign dental school, who has exceptional qualifications, as approved by the Dental Commission, may practice dentistry in any state institution.