Each dentist licensed in this state, who either makes or directs to be made a removable prosthetic denture, bridge, appliance or other structure to be worn in a person’s mouth, shall offer to the patient for whom the prosthesis is to be made the opportunity to have such prosthesis marked with the patient’s name or initials. Such markings shall be accomplished at the time the prosthesis is made and the location and methods used to apply or implant such markings shall be determined by the dentist or person directed to act on behalf of the dentist. Such marking shall be permanent, legible and cosmetically acceptable. A dentist shall advise the patient of any additional charges that may be incurred to obtain such markings on the prosthesis. Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, if in the professional judgment of the dentist or the entity that is making the prosthesis, such markings are not practicable or clinically safe, the identifying marks may be omitted entirely.