§ 17a-301a Department on Aging. Duties of commissioner and department. State Unit on Aging
§ 17a-302 Nutrition programs for elderly persons
§ 17a-302a Meetings with nutrition service stakeholders. Alternative funding sources
§ 17a-303 Recommendations re regulation of home health care
§ 17a-303a Fall prevention program
§ 17a-304 Area agencies on aging
§ 17a-305 Allocation of funds. Review. Voluntary fee for meals
§ 17a-306 Regulations re Older Americans Act of 1965. Policies. Posting on eRegulations System
§ 17a-306a Promotion of independent living program. Eligibility. Regulations
§ 17a-310 State grants for community services and programs for the elderly
§ 17a-313 Payment of administrative expenses
§ 17a-314 CHOICES health insurance assistance program. Definitions. Requirements. Reports. Responsibilities of hospitals re Medicare patients. Regulations
§ 17a-316a State Aging and Disability Resource Center Program