§ 20-8 Connecticut Homeopathic Medical Examining Board
§ 20-8a Connecticut Medical Examining Board. Medical hearing panels
§ 20-9 Who may practice medicine or surgery
§ 20-10 Qualification for licensure
§ 20-10a Eligibility standards. Applicability
§ 20-10b Continuing medical education: Definitions; contact hours; attestation; record-keeping; exemptions, waivers and extensions; reinstatement of void licenses
§ 20-10c Renewal of license by person who practices medicine for no fee
§ 20-11 Examination; fee
§ 20-11a Permit for participation in intern, resident physician or medical officer candidate program. Requirements for participation in clinical clerkship programs
§ 20-11b Professional liability insurance required. Reports from insurance companies. Exception to insurance requirement. Retired physician providing free services
§ 20-12 Licensure without examination. Limited practice based on out-of-state or military license
§ 20-12a Physician assistants. Definitions
§ 20-12b Physician assistant license. Temporary permit. Penalties
§ 20-12c Physician assistant to have supervising physician. Exceptions
§ 20-12d Medical functions performed by physician assistants. Prescriptive authority
§ 20-12e Petition concerning ability to practice of physician assistant. Notification to department of termination or restriction of privileges of physician assistant
§ 20-12f Disciplinary action concerning physician assistants
§ 20-12g Regulations concerning physician assistants
§ 20-12h Resident physician assistant program. License, temporary or training permit requirements
§ 20-12i Use of fluoroscopy by physician assistants. Qualifications and examination. Certain activities not prohibited
§ 20-12n Homeopathic physicians
§ 20-13 Issuance of license
§ 20-13a Definitions
§ 20-13b Guidelines for reviewing complaints against physicians
§ 20-13c Restriction, suspension or revocation of physician’s right to practice. Grounds
§ 20-13d Complaints required and permitted. Department to be notified of termination or restriction of physician’s privileges. Facilities to be notified of suspension, revocation or restriction of physician’s license. Notice of disciplinary action taken in other s
§ 20-13e Investigation of petition. Examination of physician. Hearing. Enforcement
§ 20-13i Annual report by department
§ 20-13j Profiles on physicians, advanced practice registered nurses and other health care providers. Public availability
§ 20-13k Guidelines for disciplinary action
§ 20-13l Notification of criminal charges against physicians. Investigation
§ 20-14 Exceptions. Prescription in English. Penalties
§ 20-14a Prescription of drugs by generic name. Disclosure to patient. Labeling
§ 20-14b Renewal of licenses
§ 20-14c Dispensing and labeling of drugs. Definitions
§ 20-14d Dispensing of drugs by licensed practitioners to be in accordance with sections 20-14c, 20-14f and 20-14g
§ 20-14e Dispensing of drugs. Prescribing and dispensing of oral antibiotic drugs for chlamydia or gonorrhea. Dispensing of contact lenses containing a drug or ocular agents-T
§ 20-14f Report to commissioner of intent to continue to dispense drugs other than professional samples
§ 20-14g Regulations
§ 20-14h Definitions
§ 20-14i Administration of medication by trained persons
§ 20-14j Regulations. Advisory task force. Training programs and policies re administration of medication at juvenile detention centers
§ 20-14k Requirement for the posting of policy regarding Medicare assignment. Regulations
§ 20-14l Delegation of ophthalmological services
§ 20-14m Use of long-term antibiotic therapy in the treatment of Lyme disease
§ 20-14n Disciplinary action for purchasing for resale, selling, offering for sale or delivering in any manner a counterfeit drug or device
§ 20-14o Prescriptions for opioid drugs
§ 20-14p Covenants not to compete involving physician
§ 20-14q Treatment with an investigational drug, biological product or device. Liability of treating physician