§ 51-217 Qualification of jurors
§ 51-217a Jurors excused from service. Option to be considered for service
§ 51-217b Information for prospective jurors. Postponement of jury service or accommodations for breastfeeding women
§ 51-219a Duties and powers of Jury Administrator
§ 51-219b How to determine number of jurors to be summoned
§ 51-219c Adjustment in number of jurors
§ 51-220 Number of jurors for each town
§ 51-220a Use of electronic processing in selection and summoning of jurors
§ 51-222a Preparation of master or final list
§ 51-223 State Jury Commission. Inquiry blanks. Jury lists
§ 51-224 Incomplete list. Preparation of subsequent list
§ 51-229 Additional jurors may be drawn at any time
§ 51-230 Drawing of jurors in judicial districts
§ 51-231 Drawing of jurors
§ 51-231a Clerk to furnish slips containing the names of jurors
§ 51-232 Summoning of jurors. Juror questionnaire. Reduction of panel. Courthouse
§ 51-232a Modification of date, location or other condition of juror service
§ 51-232b Limitation re summons for jury duty
§ 51-233 Verdict not affected by irregularities in summoning jurors
§ 51-234 Accommodations for jury panel
§ 51-237 Jurors failing to appear
§ 51-237a Permission for juror to be absent
§ 51-238 Judge may direct juror attendance
§ 51-238a Length of term of service as juror
§ 51-239 Selection of panel
§ 51-239a Transfer of trial to jury session
§ 51-239b Waiver of jury in civil actions
§ 51-240 Examination of jurors in civil actions
§ 51-241 Peremptory challenges in civil actions
§ 51-243 Alternate jurors in civil cases
§ 51-243a Orientation of jurors
§ 51-244 Jurors attending Court of Common Pleas may try civil and criminal causes at same term
§ 51-245 Duty of jurors. Prohibited conversations. Fines. Assistance of interpreter for deaf and hearing impaired jurors
§ 51-245a Rules re qualification of interpreters to assist jurors who are deaf or hearing impaired
§ 51-246 Court may require jury to remain together in certain cases
§ 51-247 Compensation of jurors. Guidelines re reimbursement of expenses
§ 51-247a Employer not to discharge employee or require additional hours work for jury service. Eight hours jury duty deemed a legal day’s work. Penalty. Action for recovery of wages and reinstatement. Liability of employer for failure to compensate juror-employee
§ 51-247b Prohibition on former juror serving as consultant
§ 51-247c Court may excuse compensation of juror. Waiver application. Juror service certificate. Filing of application