§ 52-45a Commencement of civil actions. Contents and signature of process
§ 52-45b Forms for commencement of civil action
§ 52-46 Time for service
§ 52-46a Return of process
§ 52-48 Return day of process
§ 52-50 Persons to whom process shall be directed
§ 52-51 Service by officer before giving bond
§ 52-52 Orders of notice of legal or judicial proceedings
§ 52-53 State marshal may make special deputation
§ 52-54 Service of summons
§ 52-55 When completion of service by another officer allowable
§ 52-56 Service of process outside of officer’s precinct
§ 52-57 Manner of service upon individuals, municipalities, corporations, partnerships and voluntary associations
§ 52-57a Service of process without state upon persons domiciled or subject to jurisdiction of courts in state
§ 52-59b Jurisdiction of courts over nonresident individuals, foreign partnerships and foreign voluntary associations. Service of process
§ 52-59c Service upon nonresident attaching creditor
§ 52-59d Service of process outside country to be in accordance with treaty or convention or court order
§ 52-60 Judge of probate as attorney for nonresident fiduciary. Service of process
§ 52-61 Service upon nonresident fiduciaries
§ 52-62 Service upon nonresident in action for negligent operation of motor vehicle
§ 52-63 Service upon motor vehicle operator or owner not found at his recorded address
§ 52-64 Service in action against state
§ 52-65 Service upon nonresident in a quo warranto case
§ 52-66 Execution of process by borough bailiffs
§ 52-67 Service in actions on joint contracts
§ 52-68 Notice to nonresident adverse or interested parties and interested parties unknown to plaintiff
§ 52-69 Notice to “representatives and creditors”, “widow” or “widower and heirs”
§ 52-70 Endorsement on process for fees. Penalty for exacting illegal fees
§ 52-71 Process void if issued or served on Sunday
§ 52-72 Amendment of process