§ 52-495 Partition of joint and common estates
§ 52-496 Devise of freehold with contingent interest; partition
§ 52-497 Decrees to be recorded in land records
§ 52-498 Sale of land when trust cannot be executed
§ 52-499 Sale of land to promote the interest of beneficiaries
§ 52-500 Sale or equitable distribution of real or personal property owned by two or more persons. Life estate
§ 52-501 Sale of building and land owned by different parties. Disposition of proceeds
§ 52-502 Orders to protect parties and effectuate sale. Sale by committee
§ 52-503 Partition or sale of property when estate in settlement
§ 52-503f Short title: Uniform Partition of Heirs’ Property Act
§ 52-503g Definitions
§ 52-503h Applicability of provisions
§ 52-503i Service. Notice by posting
§ 52-503j Committee members
§ 52-503k Determination of value
§ 52-503l Cotenant buyout
§ 52-503m Partition alternatives
§ 52-503n Considerations for partition in kind
§ 52-503o Open-market sale. Sealed bids. Auction
§ 52-503p Report of open-market sale
§ 52-503q Uniformity of application and construction
§ 52-503r Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act