§ 52-555 Actions for injuries resulting in death
§ 52-555a Actions for loss of consortium re death of spouse independent for determination of damages
§ 52-555b Actions for loss of consortium re death of spouse to be joined with all actions re death of spouse
§ 52-555c Statute of limitations. Actions for loss of consortium re death of spouse contingent upon proof of facts for wrongful death
§ 52-555d Eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits bar to action for loss of consortium against employer
§ 52-556 Actions for injuries caused by motor vehicles owned by the state
§ 52-557 Injury to children being transported to school
§ 52-557a Standard of care owed social invitee
§ 52-557b “Good samaritan law”. Immunity from liability for emergency medical assistance, first aid or medication by injection. School personnel not required to administer or render. Immunity from liability re automatic external defibrillators
§ 52-557c Standard of care applicable to owners and operators of school buses
§ 52-557d Defense of charitable immunity abolished
§ 52-557e Immunity of physicians from liability for uncompensated service on hospital utilization review committee
§ 52-557f Landowner liability for recreational use of land. Definitions
§ 52-557g Liability of owner of land available to public for recreation; exceptions
§ 52-557h Owner liable, when
§ 52-557i Obligation of user of land
§ 52-557j Liability of landowner upon whose land snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, minibikes or minicycles are operated
§ 52-557k Liability of landowner who allows persons to harvest firewood, fruits or vegetables or engage in maple-sugaring activities
§ 52-557l Immunity from liability of persons who donate food and of nonprofit organizations or corporations that distribute donated food
§ 52-557m Immunity from liability of directors, officers and trustees of nonprofit tax-exempt organizations
§ 52-557n Liability of political subdivision and its employees, officers and agents. Liability of members of local boards and commissions
§ 52-557o Liability of land surveyors
§ 52-557p Assumption of risk by person engaged in recreational equestrian activities, when
§ 52-557q Immunity from liability of broadcaster that broadcasts emergency alert and information concerning child abduction. Immunity from liability of outdoor advertising establishment
§ 52-557r Immunity from liability of fire department for installation or delivery of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
§ 52-557s Liability of owner or keeper of horse, pony, donkey or mule
§ 52-557t Absolute defense to civil action resulting from good faith report of an act of threatening
§ 52-558 Liability for placing obstructions in highway
§ 52-559 Damage for spreading fire
§ 52-560 Damages for cutting trees, timber or shrubbery. Exclusion
§ 52-560a Damages for encroachment on state, municipal or nonprofit land conservation organization open space land. Attorney General enforcement. Civil action
§ 52-561 Trespass to lands without color of right
§ 52-561a Damage by domestic fowls
§ 52-562 Liability for fraud in contracting debt; concealing property
§ 52-563 Liability for waste by tenant for life or years
§ 52-564 Treble damages for theft
§ 52-564a Liability for shoplifting
§ 52-565 Double damages for forgery
§ 52-565a Liability of drawer for dishonored check. Service charge on drawer for dishonored check
§ 52-566 Treble damages for wilful removal or destruction of bridge
§ 52-567 Treble damages for injury to milestone, guidepost or railing
§ 52-568 Damages for groundless or vexatious suit or defense
§ 52-568a Damages for groundless or vexatious suit against the owner or operator of a “pick or cut your own agricultural operation”
§ 52-569 Damages for leaving open bars, gate or fence
§ 52-570 Action for malicious erection of structure
§ 52-570a Action against fiduciary
§ 52-570b Action for computer-related offenses
§ 52-570c Action for transmission of unsolicited facsimile or telephone messages. Unsolicited electronic mail advertising material
§ 52-570d Action for illegal recording of private telephonic communications
§ 52-570e Action for damages resulting from violations of unemployment or workers’ compensation laws
§ 52-570f Action for theft of electric, gas, water, steam or community antenna television service
§ 52-571a Action for deprivation of equal rights and privileges
§ 52-571b Action or defense authorized when state or political subdivision burdens a person’s exercise of religion
§ 52-571c Action for damages resulting from intimidation based on bigotry or bias
§ 52-571d Action for discrimination by golf country club in membership or access to facilities or services
§ 52-571e Action for damages resulting from actions of agent of surety on a bond
§ 52-571f Strict liability of person who illegally transfers a firearm
§ 52-571g Strict liability of person who fails to securely store a loaded firearm
§ 52-571h Action for damages resulting from identity theft
§ 52-571i Action for damages resulting from trafficking in persons
§ 52-571j Action for interference with a person taking still or video images of police officer in the performance of duty
§ 52-571aa Discrimination on account of membership in armed forces so as to cause deprivation of rights, privileges or immunities usually enjoyed by public. Penalty
§ 52-571bb Discrimination on account of membership in armed forces re access to any place of public accommodation, resort or amusement. Penalty
§ 52-572 Parental liability for torts of minors
§ 52-572a Release by injured person voidable if obtained within fifteen days
§ 52-572b Alienation of affections and breach of promise actions abolished
§ 52-572c Parent-child immunity abrogated in certain negligence actions
§ 52-572d Interspousal immunity abrogated in motor vehicle negligence actions accruing out of state
§ 52-572e Release of joint tortfeasor
§ 52-572f Criminal conversation action abolished
§ 52-572g Defenses against holder in due course of instrument in consumer goods credit transaction
§ 52-572h Negligence actions. Doctrines applicable. Liability of multiple tortfeasors for damages
§ 52-572i Application of the family car doctrine
§ 52-572j Derivative actions by shareholders or members
§ 52-572k Hold harmless clause against public policy in certain construction contracts
§ 52-572l Strict tort liability, contributory negligence and comparative negligence not bar to recovery
§ 52-572m Product liability actions. Definitions
§ 52-572n Product liability claims
§ 52-572o Comparative responsibility. Award of damages. Action for contribution
§ 52-572p Limitation of liability of product seller
§ 52-572q Liability of product seller due to lack of adequate warnings or instructions
§ 52-572r Product liability claims against third parties
§ 52-572w Agreement exempting caterer or catering establishment from liability for negligence void as against public policy
§ 52-572x Motor carrier transportation contract. Indemnification against liability for negligence or intentional acts or omissions void and unenforceable