(a) Any report of the diagnosis or treatment, or both, of a congenital disability made pursuant to this subchapter shall not be divulged nor made public in any way that might tend to disclose the identity of the person or family of the person to whom it relates. However, patient-identifying information may be exchanged among authorized agencies as approved by the Department and upon receipt by the Department of satisfactory assurances by those agencies of the preservation of the confidentiality of such information.

Terms Used In Delaware Code Title 16 Sec. 204

  • Congenital disability: means any structural or biochemical abnormality, regardless of cause, diagnosed at any time before or after birth, that requires medical or surgical intervention or that interferes with normal growth or development. See Delaware Code Title 16 Sec. 202
  • Department: means the Department of Health and Social Services. See Delaware Code Title 16 Sec. 202

(b) No individual or organization providing information to the Department in accordance with this subchapter shall be deemed to be liable for or held liable for divulging confidential information.

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