(a) ”Board” shall mean the Coastal Zone Industrial Control Board.

Terms Used In Delaware Code Title 7 Sec. 7002

  • State: means the State of Delaware; and when applied to different parts of the United States, it includes the District of Columbia and the several territories and possessions of the United States. See Delaware Code Title 1 Sec. 302

(b) ”Bulk product transfer facility” means any port or dock facility, whether an artificial island or attached to shore by any means, for the transfer of bulk quantities of any substance from vessel to onshore facility or vice versa. Not included in this definition is a docking facility or pier for a single industrial or manufacturing facility for which a permit is granted or which is a nonconforming use. Likewise, docking facilities for the Port of Wilmington are not included in this definition.

(c) ”Environmental impact statement” means a detailed description as prescribed by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control of the effect of the proposed use on the immediate and surrounding environment and natural resources such as water quality, fisheries, wildlife and the aesthetics of the region.

(d) ”Heavy industry use” means a use characteristically involving more than 20 acres, and characteristically employing some but not necessarily all of such equipment such as, but not limited to, smokestacks, tanks, distillation or reaction columns, chemical processing equipment, scrubbing towers, pickling equipment and waste-treatment lagoons; which industry, although conceivably operable without polluting the environment, has the potential to pollute when equipment malfunctions or human error occurs. Examples of heavy industry are oil refineries, basic steel manufacturing plants, basic cellulosic pulp-paper mills, and chemical plants such as petrochemical complexes. An incinerator structure or facility which, including the incinerator, contains 5,000 square feet or more, whether public or private, is “heavy industry” for purpose of this chapter. Generic examples of uses not included in the definition of “heavy industry” are such uses as garment factories, automobile assembly plants and jewelry and leather goods manufacturing establishments, and on-shore facilities, less than 20 acres in size, consisting of warehouses, equipment repair and maintenance structures, open storage areas, office and communications buildings, helipads, parking space and other service or supply structures required for the transfer of materials and workers in support of off-shore research, exploration and development operations; provided, however, that on-shore facilities shall not include tank farms or storage tanks.

(e) ”Manufacturing” means the mechanical or chemical transformation of organic or inorganic substances into new products, characteristically using power-driven machines and materials handling equipment, and including establishments engaged in assembling component parts of manufactured products, provided the new product is not a structure or other fixed improvement.

(f) ”Nonconforming use” means a use, whether of land or of a structure, which does not comply with the applicable use provisions in this chapter where such use was lawfully in existence and in active use prior to June 28, 1971.

(g) ”Person” shall include, but not be limited to, any individual, group of individuals, contractor, supplier, installer, user, owner, partnership, firm, company, corporation, association, joint-stock company, trust, estate, political subdivision, administrative agency, public or quasi-public corporation or body, or any other legal entity, or its legal representative, agent or assignee.

(h) ”The coastal zone” is defined as all that area of the State, whether land, water or subaqueous land between the territorial limits of Delaware in the Delaware River, Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean, and a line formed by certain Delaware highways and roads as follows:

Beginning at the Delaware-Pennsylvania line at a place where said line intersects U.S. Route 13; thence southward along the said U.S. Route 13 until it intersects the right-of-way of U.S. Route I-495; thence along said I-495 right-of-way until the said I-495 right-of-way intersects Delaware Route 9 south of Wilmington; thence along said Delaware Route 9 to the point of its intersection with Delaware Route 273; thence along said Delaware Route 273 to U.S. 13; thence along U.S. 13 to Maintenance Road 409; thence along Maintenance Road 409 to Delaware Road 71; thence along Delaware Road 71 to its intersection with Delaware Road 54; thence along Delaware Road 54 to Delaware Road 896; thence along Delaware Road 896 to Maintenance Road 396; thence along Maintenance Road 396 to Maintenance Road 398; thence along Maintenance Road 398 to the Maryland state line; thence southward along the Maryland state line to Maintenance Road 433; thence along Maintenance Road 433 to Maintenance Road 63; thence along Maintenance Road 63 to Maintenance Road 412; thence along Maintenance Road 412 to U.S. 13; thence along U.S. 13 to Delaware 299 at Odessa; thence along Delaware Route 299 to its intersection with Delaware Route 9; thence along Delaware Route 9 to U.S. 113; thence along U.S. Route 113 to Maintenance Road 8A; thence along Maintenance Road 8A to Maintenance Road 7 to the point of its intersection with Delaware Route 14; thence along Delaware Route 14 to Delaware Route 24; thence along Delaware Route 24 to Maintenance Road 331; thence along Maintenance Road 331 to Maintenance Road 334; thence along Maintenance Road 334 to Delaware Route 26; thence along Delaware Route 26 to Maintenance Road 365; thence along Maintenance Road 365 to Maintenance Road 84; thence along Maintenance Road 84 to Maintenance Road 384; thence along Maintenance Road 384 to Maintenance Road 382A; thence along Maintenance Road 382A to Maintenance Road 389; thence along Maintenance Road 389 to Maintenance Road 58; thence along Maintenance Road 58 to Maintenance Road 395; thence along Maintenance Road 395 to the Maryland state line.

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