(1) Any bid that exceeds the Current Capacity of the bidder based upon the most recently issued Certificate of Qualification shall be rejected unless the bidder fulfills the requirements of subsection 14-22.009(3), F.A.C. Pursuant to subsection 14-22.006(1), F.A.C., Current Capacity is amended immediately upon issuance of a new Certificate of Qualification.
    (2) In the event a bidder submits the low bid on two or more projects in the same letting, where the aggregate dollar amount of the bids is greater than the Current Capacity of the bidder, and the bidder is unable to increase its Current Capacity by fulfilling the requirements of subsection 14-22.009(3), F.A.C., the Department shall select the particular project or projects for award that will result in the least cost to the Department.
    (3) Before the Department takes action under the provisions of either of the preceding two paragraphs, the bidder shall be notified in writing of the Department’s action, and, except for the AF provisions of sub-subparagraph 14-22.003(2)(a)2.a., F.A.C., shall be allowed 10 days from the date the bid was opened to submit a certification of work underway pursuant to Rule 14-22.006, F.A.C.
    (4) The determination of the successful bidder on any project or projects in which bids have been rejected, shall be made without consideration of the rejected bid(s).
Rulemaking Authority Florida Statutes § 334.044(2), 337.14(1). Law Implemented 337.11, 337.14 FS. History—(Formerly Chapter 14-8), New 7-1-67, 8-20-68, 5-9-70, 1-6-72, 9-24-75, Formerly 14-22.01(11), Amended 3-23-79, 11-10-82, 8-25-83, Formerly 14-22.09, Amended 12-20-89, 1-4-94, 7-1-95, 7-2-95, 7-8-01, 12-18-05, 1-23-08, 10-10-10.