Terms Used In Florida Regulations 14-22.0121

  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.
  • Conviction: A judgement of guilt against a criminal defendant.
    (1) A contractor whose qualification to bid has been revoked or denied because of contract crime may, at any time after revocation or denial, file a petition for reapplication or reinstatement. However, a contractor may not petition for reapplication or reinstatement for a period of 24 months after revocation or denial for a subsequent conviction occurring within 10 years of a previous denial or revocation for contract crime.
    (2) If the petition for reapplication or reinstatement is denied, the contractor can not petition for a subsequent hearing for a period of nine months following the date of the final order of revocation or denial.
    (3) If the petition for reapplication or reinstatement is granted, the contractor must file a current Application for Qualification with the Contracts Administration Office. Reinstatement shall not be effective until issuance of a Certificate of Qualification. The financial statements submitted with the reinstatement application must comply with subsection 14-22.002(2), F.A.C.
Rulemaking Authority Florida Statutes § 334.044(2), 337.14(1). Law Implemented 337.14, 337.16, 337.164, 337.165, 337.167 FS. History—New 8-25-83, Amended 10-1-85, Formerly 14-22.121, Amended 12-20-89, 1-4-94, 1-23-08, 10-10-10.