Terms Used In Florida Regulations 14-51.011

  • Jurisdiction: (1) The legal authority of a court to hear and decide a case. Concurrent jurisdiction exists when two courts have simultaneous responsibility for the same case. (2) The geographic area over which the court has authority to decide cases.
    As used in this rule chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:
    (1) “Applicant” means the person or entity seeking authorization for a sign under this rule chapter.
    (2) “Community Wayfinding Guide Sign” means a directional guide sign that is part of a coordinated and continuous system of signs directing tourists and other road users to key civic, cultural, visitor, and recreational attractions, within a city or a local urbanized area.
    (3) “Community Wayfinding Guide Sign System Plan” means the system boundaries, installation location, sign panel design, engineering, sign assembly specifications, and adopted criteria submitted to the Department for approval.
    (4) “Department” means the Florida Department of Transportation.
    (5) “Enhancement Marker” means a sign or portion of a sign where shape, color, or pictograph is used as a visual identifier for a community wayfinding guide sign.
    (6) “FHWA” means the Federal Highway Administration.
    (7) “Guide Sign” means a sign that shows route designations, destinations, directions, distances, services, points of interest, or other geographical, recreational, or cultural information.
    (8) “Limited Access Facility” means as defined in Florida Statutes § 334.03
    (9) “Local Government” means the county or city having jurisdiction in the subject area, including the area involving the state highway system.
    (10) “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)” means the federal publication used to establish the uniformity of traffic control devices, such as sign placement, color of sign backgrounds and letters, and sign messages incorporated in Rule 14-15.010, F.A.C.
    (11) “Non-Limited Access Facility” means an arterial or collector road as defined in Florida Statutes § 334.03
    (12) “Official Traffic Control Devices” means as defined in Florida Statutes § 316.003
    (13) “Pari-mutuel Facility” means a racetrack, fronton, or other facility used by a permit holder of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation for the conduct of pari-mutuel wagering as defined in Florida Statutes § 550.002
    (14) “Pictograph” means a pictorial representation used to identify a governmental jurisdiction, an area of jurisdiction, a governmental agency, a military base or branch of service, a governmental-approved university or college, a toll payment system, or a government-approved institution.
    (15) “Place Name Sign” means a sign identifying the geographic boundary of a municipality or county, lying on or along a road on the state highway system.
    (16) “Recreational Attractions” means facilities located within 15 miles of the limited access facility that provide easy access for motorists, ample all-weather parking areas, and several recreational activities such as picnicking, camping, hiking, swimming, fishing or boating. Examples include public recreational facilities, state forest recreation areas, and wildlife refuges.
    (17) “Sign” means any traffic control device intended to communicate specific information to road users through a word or symbol legend. They do not include traffic control signals, pavement markings, delineators, or channelization devices.
    (18) “Stand-alone Emergency Room” means a hospital facility licensed in accordance with Florida Statutes § 395.003, located off the hospital’s main premises, operating under the same direction, offering the same services, and complying with the same regulatory requirements as the emergency department located on the hospital’s main premises.
    (19) “Supplemental Guide Sign” means a sign placed or erected to provide information regarding destinations, other than the principle destinations displayed on the exit directional sign, accessible from the interchange.
    (20) “Tourist Attraction” means facilities that principally provide recreation, amusement, or leisure activities to the general public, with the majority of its visitors traveling over 100 miles to visit the facility, and with the major portion of their income from these non-resident visitors.
    (21) “Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs” or “TODS” means guide sign assemblies with individual panels displaying the identity and directional information for a business, service, or activity facilities.
    (22) “Trailblazers” means signs erected at strategic locations in conjunction with the signing of a destination, tourist attraction, or general service facility.
    (23) “Unincorporated Area” means all lands outside of the boundaries of municipalities within a county boundary.
Rulemaking Authority 316.0745, 334.044(2), 479.02 FS. Law Implemented 316.003, 479.01 FS. History—New 3-27-05, Amended 5-8-06, 6-24-08, 11-24-11, 1-12-16.