Place name signs for sovereign lands or an unincorporated area will be eligible for signing through the Department’s permit system upon written request of the county. Such requests must demonstrate the following:
    (1) A clearly identifiable localized development in the area.
    (2) The community must lie on or along the state highway system.
    (3) A community, for the purpose of place name signing, must have an identifiable boundary. The boundary and area name may not be coincidental to platted or unplatted subdivisions. The community must not be associated with a specific developer, specific development theme, corporate business or investment, or entities such as a private golf course or resorts.
    (4) The county must demonstrate that the unincorporated community has significant historical, cultural, or educational value.
    (5) The county has installed or agreed to install place name signs on its roads traversing the area.
    (6) A resolution passed by the county requesting signing.
Rulemaking Authority 316.0745 FS. Law Implemented Florida Statutes § 316.0745. History—New 3-27-05, Amended 11-24-11, 1-12-16.