(1) At the boundaries of the geographical area within which community wayfinding guide signing is used, an informational guide sign may be posted to inform road users about the presence of community wayfinding guide signs and to identify the meanings of the various color codes or pictographs that are being used.
    (2) This informational guide signs shall have a white legend and border on a green background and shall have a design similar to that illustrated in Section 2D.03 of the MUTCD and shall be consistent with the basic design principles for guide signs. These informational guide signs shall not be installed on limited access facilities.
    (3) The color coding or a pictograph of the identification enhancement markers of the community wayfinding guide signing system shall be included on the informational guide sign posted at the boundary of the community wayfinding guide signing area. The color coding or pictographs shall apply to a specific identifiable neighborhood or geographical subarea within the overall area covered by the community wayfinding guide sign. Color coding or pictographs shall not be used to distinguish between different types of destinations that are within the same designated neighborhood or subarea. The color coding shall be accomplished by the use of different colored squares or rectangular panels on the face of the informational guide sign, each positioned to the left of the neighborhood or named geographic area to which the color-coding panel applies. The height of the colored square or rectangular panels shall not exceed two times the height of the upper-case letters of the principal legend of the sign.
    (4) The different colored square or rectangular panels may include either a black or a white (whichever provides the better contrast with the color of the panel) letter, numeral, or other appropriate designation to identify the destination.
    (5) Color-coded community wayfinding guide signs may be used with or without the boundary informational guide sign displaying corresponding color-coding panels described in this subsection.
Rulemaking Authority 316.0745 FS. Law Implemented Florida Statutes § 316.0745. History—New 11-24-11.