(1) Each pay telephone station shall be equipped with a legible sign, card, or plate of reasonable permanence which shall identify the following:
    (a) The telephone number and location address of the pay telephone station,
    (b) The name and certificate number of the certificate holder,
    (c) The party responsible for repairs and refunds, address of responsible party, free phone number of responsible party,
    (d) Clear dialing instructions (including notice of the lack of availability of local or toll services),
    (e) The local coin rate.
    (2) Pay telephone stations shall be lighted during the hours of darkness when light from other sources is not adequate to read instructions and use the instrument.
    (3) Each pay telephone station that provides access to any interexchange company shall provide coin free access, to all locally available interexchange companies. The pay telephone station shall provide such access through the forms of access purchased by locally available long distance carriers such as 10XXX+0, 10XXXX+0, 101XXXX+0, 950, toll free (e.g., 800, 877 and 888) access.
    (4) Each pay telephone station shall permit free access to the universal telephone number “911”.
Rulemaking Authority Florida Statutes § 350.127(2), 365.171(8). Law Implemented 364.3375, 365.171 FS. History—New 1-5-87, Amended 4-14-92, 12-21-92, 2-3-93, 10-10-94, 12-27-94, 9-5-95, 2-1-99, 12-23-02, 4-5-05, 12-29-05, 9-5-07, 2-7-13, Formerly 25-24.515.