(1) Evaluation of plans. Each council shall prepare an evaluation report on its plan at least once every five years assessing the successes or failures of the plan and preparing necessary amendments, revisions, or updates to the plan. The evaluation reports shall primarily be based upon the region’s progress toward attainment of strategic regional policy plan goals using the indicators described in subsection 27E-5.004(6), F.A.C. The evaluation reports shall identify plan amendments which may be necessary as a result of changing regional conditions, changes to the State Comprehensive Plan, and other statutory changes. The evaluation reports may also recommend amendments to the State Comprehensive Plan and other statutes. The first evaluation reports shall be submitted on or before the following dates, and every five years thereafter:

Submission Date:

South Florida
March 1, 2000

Southwest Florida
March 15, 2000

June 1, 2000

Tampa Bay
August 1, 2000

Treasure Coast
September 1, 2000

East Central Florida
January 1, 2001

North Central Florida
January 1, 2001

February 1, 2001

West Florida
February 1, 2001

Northeast Florida
March 1, 2001

Central Florida
April 1, 2001
    (2) Plan changes. All amendments, revisions, or updates to a plan or the maps required by paragraph 27E-5.004(3)(a), F.A.C., shall be adopted in the same manner as the original plan and shall be prepared as needed because of changes in the State Comprehensive Plan or law or as a result of modifications recommended in the evaluation conducted pursuant to subsection 27E-5.008(1), F.A.C.
Rulemaking Authority Florida Statutes § 186.507(2). Law Implemented Florida Statutes § 186.511. History—New 7-6-94.