Effective date: 5/13/2004

    (1) An interior design office which is a marketing office is not considered as offering interior design services to the public, and therefore, does not need a separate interior designer assigned directly to such office.
    (2) An interior designer shall not be required to be assigned to a marketing office. A marketing office is defined as an office of an interior design firm wherein no production of drawings, specifications, reports or other professional work occurs and is intended solely for the purpose of advertising or marketing an interior design firm’s services to the public. The client contact permitted as a marketing office by non-registered persons shall only include marketing a firm’s qualifications and capabilities. No other professional activities shall be performed at this office.
    (3) Any interior designer or interior designing firm can advertise in any medium, including the telephone directory yellow pages, even if no office is physically present in the area of the advertisement. Such advertisement or listing, however, shall not mislead the public into believing that the phone number and address given is capable of offering interior design services to the public if in fact the phone or address listed is not an interior design office and must be clearly listed or designated as a marketing office only.
    (4) All firms shall notify the Board of Architecture and Interior Design of the location of all marketing offices and the individuals who will be assigned to such office within sixty (60) days of such an assignment.
Specific Authority 481.2055 FS. Law Implemented 481.221(5), 481.2251, 481.229 FS. History—New 8-21-95, Amended 5-13-04.