(1) Ports for which pilots are licensed, or deputy pilots are certified, are: Fernandina, Jacksonville, Port Canaveral, Fort Pierce, Port of Palm Beach, Port Everglades, Miami, Key West, Fort Myers, Boca Grande, Tampa, Port Tampa, Port Manatee, St. Petersburg, Port St. Joe, Panama City and Pensacola.
    (2) A license or certificate issued for a port authorizes a pilot or deputy to provide pilot services upon the navigable waters of that port lying within the area delineated by the heavy dotted lines on the applicable following port chart or map and upon the navigable waters lying seaward therefrom to the point of boarding and disembarking described in Fl. Admin. Code R. 61G14-15.004:
    (a) Fernandina:

(b) Jacksonville:

(c) Port Canaveral:

(d) Fort Pierce:
(e) Port of Palm Beach:
(f) Port Everglades:
(g) Miami:
(h) Key West:
(i) Fort Myers:
(j) Boca Grande:
(k) Tampa (includes Port Tampa, Port Manatee and St. Petersburg):
(l) Port St. Joe:
(m) Panama City:
(n) Pensacola:

Rulemaking Authority 310.185 FS. Law Implemented 310.002(4), 310.073, 310.075 FS. History—New 3-26-98.