(1) The Department shall consider a request for an exception to the requirements of this chapter if the exception does not conflict with state or federal law or federal regulations.
    (2) A request for exceptions must contain the following information:
    (a) The name of the project sponsor; project number; award date, application date, and the assistance amount involved.
    (b) The specific rule to which an exception is requested.
    (c) A complete description of what the exception would accomplish and justification for the exception.
    (d) A statement of whether the same or a similar exception previously has been sought; and, if so, an explanation of the reason for that request and the outcome.
    (e) A demonstration that compliance with the specified rules is unnecessary for abatement of pollution and protection of public health.
    (f) A demonstration that the economic, social, and environmental costs of compliance exceed the economic, social, and environmental benefits of compliance.
Rulemaking Authority Florida Statutes § 403.1835(10). Law Implemented Florida Statutes § 403.1835. History—New 4-17-89, Formerly 17-503.850, Amended 7-29-04, 4-22-14.