(1) A construction permit shall be obtained from the appropriate water management district pursuant to Fl. Admin. Code R. 62-524.800, for all new potable water wells prior to installation or conversion. Applicants shall submit a proposed well design with the completed application, and the permit fee, to the permitting authority. Permit application shall be made under existing well construction permitting programs pursuant to Fl. Admin. Code Chapter 62-532, using forms adopted by the permitting authority for this purpose. In addition to the general requirements of this chapter, the permit shall address the following requirements through special conditions:
    (a) Well construction including method of construction, depth, location of cased and screened intervals, casing material and grouting.
    (b) Any special cleaning requirements for casing or drilling equipment.
    (c) Water quality testing.
    (d) Unique well identifiers where needed.
    (2) Permitting and construction of new potable water wells, except for a well to be used for a public water system as defined in Fl. Admin. Code R. 62-550.200, are prohibited in delineated areas where a distribution line of an available potable water system is within 500 feet of the boundary of the property for which a well construction permit is being sought. Such prohibition applies unless the property owner or applicant obtains documentation from the public water system or the Department’s Water Supply Restoration and Replacement Program, and submits such documentation to the permitting entity, which demonstrates either of the following:
    (a) That economic factors caused by physical or legal impediments to construction to a distribution line prevent the property owner or permit applicant from obtaining potable water through connection to the distribution line; or
    (b) That necessary water distribution line extensions (excluding plumbing and meters) cannot be completed within 30 days of application to the Department for water supply restoration or replacement.
Rulemaking Authority 373.309, 403.061, 403.062 FS. Law Implemented Florida Statutes § 373.309. History—New 5-16-89, Amended 3-3-92, Formerly 17-524.700, Amended 12-9-96.