(1) All records, whether in paper or electronic format, shall be dated and available for inspection by the Department or county. If records are not kept at the facility, they shall be made available at the facility or another agreed upon location upon five business days of receipt of the Department’s or county’s request. Site access to the facility shall be provided for compliance inspections conducted at reasonable times.

Terms Used In Florida Regulations 62-761.710

  • Cathodic protection: means a method of preventing corrosion of a metal surface through the use of galvanic anodes or impressed current. See Florida Regulations 62-761.200
  • County: means a locally administered governmental program under contract with the Department to perform compliance verification activities at facilities with storage tank systems within the boundaries stipulated in the applicable contract. See Florida Regulations 62-761.200
  • Incident: is a condition or situation indicating that a release or discharge may have occurred from a storage tank system or system component. See Florida Regulations 62-761.200
  • Maintenance: means the normal operational upkeep in accordance with Rule Fla. See Florida Regulations 62-761.200
  • Release: means a loss of regulated substances from a storage tank system or system component into the system's secondary containment. See Florida Regulations 62-761.200
  • Release detection: means a method of detecting the presence of regulated substances within a storage tank system's or system component's secondary containment or detecting other conditions or situations indicative of a release or discharge. See Florida Regulations 62-761.200
  • Repair: means to restore or replace any defective or damaged parts of a storage tank system or system component in accordance with Rule Fla. See Florida Regulations 62-761.200
  • Storage tank system: means a tank used to contain regulated substances, its integral piping, and all its components, including dispensers, spill containment systems, overfill protection systems, secondary containment systems, and any associated release detection equipment. See Florida Regulations 62-761.200
  • Tank: means an enclosed stationary container or structure that is designed or used to store regulated substances, and the volume of which, including the volume of underground piping, is ten percent or more buried beneath the surface of the ground. See Florida Regulations 62-761.200
    (2) Records of the following, generated on or after January 11, 2017, are required to be kept for three years. Records of the following, generated before January 11, 2017, are required to be kept for two years:
    (a) Repair, operation, and maintenance records;
    (b) All release detection results, including a record or summary of the alarm history, sensor status, and testing results for electronic systems, performed in accordance with paragraph Fla. Admin. Code R. 62-761.600(1)(e);
    (c) All test data and results gathered during annual operability tests and integrity tests; and,
    (d) Records of the types of fuels stored per tank.
    (3) Records of the following shall be maintained until storage tank system closure:
    (a) Manufacturer’s instructions for operation, maintenance, and testing for release detection equipment;
    (b) Records of storage tank system installations, replacements, recertifications, and upgrades;
    (c) Records of installation, maintenance, inspections, and testing of cathodic protection systems in accordance with NACE and STI standards;
    (d) Survey drawings as specified in paragraph Fla. Admin. Code R. 62-761.500(1)(i);
    (e) A copy of all INFs, and the results of all incident investigations as specified in rule Fla. Admin. Code R. 62-761.430;
    (f) A copy of all DRFs;
    (g) A copy of all documents required in rule Fla. Admin. Code R. 62-761.800, if the location continues as a facility;
    (h) Records to demonstrate insurance as the method of financial responsibility for storage tank systems shall be maintained in permanent form if no contamination has been reported or if no Site Rehabilitation Completion Order (SRCO) has been issued pursuant to chapter 62-780, F.A.C. Records demonstrating other methods of financial responsibility for storage tank systems shall be maintained for the duration of the effective period of that financial responsibility method; and,
    (i) Records documenting compliance with compatibility of storage tank systems and system components storing regulated substances containing ethanol blends greater than 10 percent and biodiesel blends greater than 20 percent in accordance with paragraphs 62-761.405(2)(d), 62-761.500(1)(d), and Fla. Admin. Code R. 62-761.850(2)(g)
    (4) Records of current training certificates for designated Class A, B, and C operators shall be maintained for as long as the operators are designated for that facility.
    (5) The Department strongly encourages that all records relating to financial responsibility be maintained permanently.
Rulemaking Authority 376.303 FS. Law Implemented 376.303, 403.091 FS. History—New 12-10-90, Formerly 17-761.710, Amended 9-30-96, 7-13-98, Repromulgated 6-21-04, Amended 1-11-17.