(1) The Legislature and the Council have determined that competency in delivery of electrolysis services is enhanced by continuous updating of knowledge and skills. To this end, continuing education is required as a condition for renewal of licensure of all electrologists without regard to the avenue taken to licensure.
    (2) Each licensed electrologist shall submit proof satisfactory to the Council of participation in appropriate continuing education. During each biennium, as established by the Department, each licensee must earn 20 contact hours of continuing education except as provided in subsection (3), of this rule. A minimum of 10 contact hours must be completed live through either in-person or through remote or distance learning courses as defined in subsection 64B8-52.002(6), F.A.C. Up to 10 contact hours may be completed as home study hours as defined in subsection 64B8-52.002(4), F.A.C.
    (3) Those persons certified for licensure during the second year of a biennium are exempt from the continuing education requirements for their first renewal except for the two hour prevention of medical errors course required by Florida Statutes § 456.013, and subsection 64B8-52.003(4), F.A.C., and the two hour blood-borne disease course including one hour on HIV/AIDS education as required by subsection 64B8-52.003(3), F.A.C. Continuing education requirements must be met for each biennium thereafter.
Rulemaking Authority 478.43(4), 478.50(2), (4)(a), (b) FS. Law Implemented 478.50(4)(a), (b) FS. History—New 6-1-93, Formerly 21M-77.001, 61F6-77.001, Amended 5-11-95, Formerly 59R-52.001, Amended 5-10-04, 5-26-21.