The department shall designate each risk factor for inclusion in the prenatal and infant (postnatal) risk screening instruments and shall determine the weight of each risk factor. Each designated risk factor shall meet one or more of the following criteria:
    (1) The factor is known to reflect an increased risk of pregnancy complications, infant mortality, or morbidity.
    (2) The factor is associated with increased risk of impairment in health, intellect, or functional ability in a percentage of infants positive for that factor.
    (3) The factor reflects health behaviors which have been associated with increased risk of poor birth outcomes.
    (4) The factor reflects an environmental risk factor.
Specific Authority 383.14(2) FS. Law Implemented Florida Statutes § 383.14. History—New 3-29-92, Amended 8-14-95, Formerly 10J-8.013, Amended 5-2-01.