(1) This chapter prescribes minimum sanitary practices relating to the management of biomedical waste, including segregation, handling, labeling, storage, transport, and treatment. This chapter applies to all facilities that generate, transport, store, or treat biomedical waste to ensure that the waste is properly handled to protect public health. Further, this chapter prescribes minimum standards for permitting biomedical waste generators, storage facilities and treatment facilities, and for registering biomedical waste transporters.
    (2) This chapter does not apply to biomedical waste incinerators. This chapter does not apply to linen incinerators. This chapter does not apply to linen that is to be laundered and re-used. Further, this chapter does not apply to dead bodies that are disposed of by a person licensed under the provisions of Florida Statutes Chapter 470, or to the transport of bodies, parts of bodies, or tissue specimens in furtherance of lawful examination, investigation, or autopsy conducted pursuant to Florida Statutes § 406.11 Specimens or samples collected for laboratory testing or use in medical research or teaching are not considered biomedical waste until such time as the material is discarded.
    (3) The Department of Health shall regulate the packaging, transport, storage, and treatment of biomedical waste. The Department of Environmental Protection shall regulate biomedical waste incineration and biomedical waste disposal.
    (4) Health care providers shall inform their home user clients verbally and in writing of the recommended method for handling biomedical waste generated in the home setting. Health care providers who deliver in-home medical services shall remove or have removed by a registered biomedical waste transporter all biomedical waste generated during the performance of these services.
    (5) Home users should segregate and package their biomedical waste in a manner that reduces the chance of exposure to the public.
    (6) Inspections, permitting and enforcement of emergency medical services that generate biomedical waste shall be performed by the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.
Rulemaking Authority 381.006, 381.0098 FS. Law Implemented 381.006, 381.0098 FS. History—New 6-19-89, Amended 12-14-92, 1-23-94, 6-3-97, Formerly 10D-104.001.