(1) The child’s best interest and safety considerations, including conditions of return, shall be evaluated prior to recommending reunification and throughout the post-placement supervision period. The child’s adjustment shall be evaluated throughout the post-placement supervision period.

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    (2) The case plan for post-placement supervision shall be completed, filed with the court and served on all parties at least 72 hours prior to the court hearing in which reunification is recommended. If the court returns custody to the parent contrary to the Department or contracted service provider’s recommendation, the post-placement supervision case plan shall be completed, filed with the court and served on all parties within 14 working days of the court hearing. The effective date is the date custody changed to the parent.
    (3) The case plan for post-placement supervision shall include:
    (a) Case plan outcomes that are informed by the ongoing family functioning assessment or progress update assessment;
    (b) An in-home safety plan;
    (c) Routine health care, as well as follow-up care for physical health, mental health or substance abuse service needs that have been identified if related to identified diminished caregiver protective capacities;
    (d) Specific provisions regarding the need for child-care or early education programs; and,
    (e) Frequency for contacts by child welfare professional.
    (4) Post-placement services. Services to be provided by the case manager in reunification cases include:
    (a) Continuous monitoring of the in-home safety plan, and modification of the safety plan if necessary;
    (b) Exchange of information with parents;
    (c) Support, guidance and referrals, as needed;
    (d) Return to the parents of original documents, including the child’s social security card and birth certificate;
    (e) Determine in accordance with Florida Statutes § 402.17(7), and subsection Fla. Admin. Code R. 65C-17.006(3), of the disposition of any of Master Trust moneys being held for the child;
    (f) Provide a copy of the child’s resource record contents, including any Individual Educational Plans that were approved while the child was in out-of-home care;
    (g) Assistance in using community and other family resources;
    (h) Coordination with the school district regarding educational stability so, whenever possible, the child can continue attending the same school following reunification;
    (i) Evaluation of the family’s progress as a unit; and,
    (j) Evaluation of the child’s progress. The case manager shall be aware of the child’s development, school attendance and adjustment, health and medical care, child-care arrangements, treatment plans, nutrition, recreation, community activities and family dynamics.
    (5) If not already enrolled in a licensed child care program or licensed early education program, children from birth to age of school entry shall be assessed by the case manager regarding the need for child care services. If additional oversight of the child is determined by the case manager to be needed, intensive in-home services may be recommended to the court as an alternative to a licensed child-care program or licensed early education program.
    (6) At every three (3) month period of post-placement supervision, the case manager shall:
    (a) Evaluate with the family their adjustment following the return of the child and their progress toward completion of outcomes in the case plan;
    (b) Assess any continuing safety concerns;
    (c) Update the family functioning assessment through the progress update; and,
    (d) Prepare a report that addresses the issues noted in the post-placement supervision case plan and the outcome of the current family functioning assessment with input from service providers. There shall also be provided a recommendation for case termination or extension of supervision.
    (7) When requesting an extension of post-placement supervision from the court, specific details explaining safety, risks, service needs and the parent’s case plan accomplishments shall be provided to the court.
    (8) Reunification with a parent outside of Florida requires approval through the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, Florida Statutes § 409.401
Rulemaking Authority 39.012, 39.0121(13) FS. Law Implemented 39.521(1)(a) FS. History—New 5-4-06, Amended 2-25-16.