(1) Undocumented Alien Child is defined as an unmarried person under the age of 18 who is not a citizen or national of the United States, and who is not in possession of valid Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) issued documents authorizing the juvenile to be in the United States.

Terms Used In Florida Regulations 65C-9.002

  • Dependent: A person dependent for support upon another.
  • Entitlement: A Federal program or provision of law that requires payments to any person or unit of government that meets the eligibility criteria established by law. Entitlements constitute a binding obligation on the part of the Federal Government, and eligible recipients have legal recourse if the obligation is not fulfilled. Social Security and veterans' compensation and pensions are examples of entitlement programs.
    (2) PRUCOL (“Person residing in the United States under color of law”) is defined as a person who is known to INS and whose forced departure from the United States is not imminent.
    (3) SAVE (“Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Unit”) is a subdivision of the INS District Offices that verifies the validity of purported INS documents for purposes of entitlement.
    (4) Special Immigrant Juvenile Visa is an immigrant visa available to a person who has been declared dependent by a juvenile court, who was deemed eligible for long term foster care, and for whom it has been determined that it would not be in her best interest to return to her or her parents’ previous country of nationality or country of last habitual residence.
    (5) INS Custody is defined as physical presence in an INS facility.
    (6) Immigration Proceedings are defined as either exclusion or deportation proceedings before the Executive Office for Immigration Review.
    (7) Special Interest Order is defined as an order from the Circuit Court establishing that the child has met the requirements for a special juvenile immigrant visa.
Rulemaking Authority 39.012, 409.026(8), 415.514 FS. Law Implemented 39.001(1), 409.145, 415.501, 415.5016, 415.502 FS. History—New 6-12-95, Formerly 10M-47.002.