Terms Used In Florida Statutes 349.043

  • person: includes individuals, children, firms, associations, joint adventures, partnerships, estates, trusts, business trusts, syndicates, fiduciaries, corporations, and all other groups or combinations. See Florida Statutes 1.01
  • Testimony: Evidence presented orally by witnesses during trials or before grand juries.
Transportation facilities may not be designated or relocated by the authority, nor may substantive changes be made thereto, until after a public hearing is conducted by the authority. Any interested party shall have the opportunity to be heard either in person or by counsel and to introduce testimony in such person’s behalf at the hearing. Reasonable notice of each such public hearing shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in each county directly affected by the proposed transportation facility not less than 14 days prior to the hearing. In addition, the authority shall comply with all applicable federal and state requirements related to new or altered transportation facilities or services.