Terms Used In Florida Statutes 364.163

  • Commission: means the Florida Public Service Commission. See Florida Statutes 364.02
  • Local exchange telecommunications company: means any company certificated by the commission to provide local exchange telecommunications service in this state on or before June 30, 1995. See Florida Statutes 364.02
  • Telecommunications company: includes every corporation, partnership, and person and their lessees, trustees, or receivers appointed by any court whatsoever, and every political subdivision in the state, offering two-way telecommunications service to the public for hire within this state by the use of a telecommunications facility. See Florida Statutes 364.02
For purposes of this section, the term “network access service” is defined as any service provided by a local exchange telecommunications company to a telecommunications company certificated under this chapter or licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to access the local exchange telecommunications network, excluding local interconnection, resale, or unbundling pursuant to s. 364.16. Each local exchange telecommunications company shall maintain tariffs with the commission containing the terms, conditions, and rates for each of its network access services. An interexchange telecommunications company may not institute any intrastate connection fee or any similarly named fee.