(1) The following conditions existing, permitted, maintained, kept, or caused by any individual, municipal organization, or corporation, governmental or private, shall constitute prima facie evidence of maintaining a nuisance injurious to health:

(a) Untreated or improperly treated human waste, garbage, offal, dead animals, or dangerous waste materials from manufacturing processes harmful to human or animal life and air pollutants, gases, and noisome odors which are harmful to human or animal life.

Terms Used In Florida Statutes 386.041

  • Corporation: A legal entity owned by the holders of shares of stock that have been issued, and that can own, receive, and transfer property, and carry on business in its own name.
  • Evidence: Information presented in testimony or in documents that is used to persuade the fact finder (judge or jury) to decide the case for one side or the other.
(b) Improperly built or maintained septic tanks, water closets, or privies.
(c) The keeping of diseased animals dangerous to human health.
(d) Unclean or filthy places where animals are slaughtered.
(e) The creation, maintenance, or causing of any condition capable of breeding flies, mosquitoes, or other arthropods capable of transmitting diseases, directly or indirectly to humans.
(f) Any other condition determined to be a sanitary nuisance as defined in s. 386.01.
(2) The Department of Health, its agents and deputies, or local health authorities are authorized to investigate any condition or alleged nuisance in any city, town, or place within the state, and if such condition is determined to constitute a sanitary nuisance, they may take such action to abate the said nuisance condition in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.